Market Intelligence Analyst


Date: 08/19/2019

Location: Pittsburgh

We are looking for a highly motivated and energetic team member to join our successful GMI organization as Aluminum Smelting Commodities and Transportation Consultant.

Career Path

The GMI consultant role is the start of a rewarding, challenging, and highly flexible career at Alcoa. The GMI team is a natural starting point because of its unique exposure to Alcoa’s critical supply chain, business units, and the vast number of economic, political, environmental, and legal factors that impact the commodity markets in which we transact.  Our expectation is that after a 2-3 year experience as a Consultant, team members will be well-positioned to pursue expanded positions within Alcoa’s procurement sourcing organization, or branch out into other exciting groups focused on business strategy, marketing, or finance. 

Reporting relationship

The Market Intelligence Consultant will report to the Global Market Intelligence Manager, who is responsible for managing all aspects of Alcoa’s Market Intelligence for Strategic Raw Materials, Indirect Materials, Services, and Transportation.

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